June 26, 2017


Whitmore Construction, LLC provides telecommunication and cable construction and engineering services throughout the United States. We are well positioned to support the rapidly growing telecommunications industry, playing an integral role in the marketplace.

We provide a wide variety of services to the telecommunications industry, including Project Management, Fiber Optic Placement, Splicing and Testing, Make-Ready, Aerial and Underground Construction, Sweep and Node Certification, Emergency Rapid Response (24/7), plus Maintenance and Engineering/Design. We also offer an array of system hardening services in advance of your launches of VOIP and other new technologies.

Providing these services requires the highest level of industry knowledge and skill sets. We have demonstrated an ability to keep costs low for our clients through efficiently managing information and maintaining a productive work force. Our staff continues to develop construction services that demand state-of-the-art applications. It’s these applications and the innovative design of specialized tools and equipment that have made us unique in the market.


Fiber Optic Construction


Whitmore Construction specializes in fiber optic network construction and installation. Our highly trained and professional workforce has successfully and timely completed some of the largest FTTH and fiber network construction projects in the country.

Our fiber services include:

  • Project Management
  • Aerial Fiber Construction
  • UG Fiber Construction
  • Fiber Blowing
  • Fiber Optic Electronics Installation
  • Microduct Fiber Installation
  • Full Documentation and Matrix Engineering of Construction and Testing
  • Emergency Fiber Restoration
  • Fusion Splicing and Testing
  • FTTx Construction
  • Cell Tower Back Haul Construction

Underground Services

Cable construction services

Whitmore Construction is a full service contracting firm offering construction services to all aspects of the Cable TV and telecommunications industry. From maintenance and new build to complete rebuilds and upgrades, we have been involved in every facet of the communications industry since its inception in the 1980’s.

The wide variety of services offered include:

  • Underground Fiber & Coax Construction
  • Upgrade/Rebuild Construction
  • Coax Splicing
  • Coax Activation
  • Fiber Fusion Splicing & Testing
  • Fiber Optical Electronics Head-end Installation
  • System Electronic Upgrade
  • System Setup
  • System Proof of Performance
  • Full or Partial Turnkey
  • Project Management
  • Inventory Management
  • System Hardening for VOIP/New Technologies
  • Emergency Fiber Restoration

Coaxial Placement


Whitmore Construction has been in the coaxial construction business since 1980 and  specializes in all aspects of coaxial system construction and maintenance.

Our coaxial services include:

  • Project Management
  • Aerial Construction
  • UG Construction
  • Coaxial System Upgrade
  • System Sweep and Certification
  • Coaxial Walkout and Design
  • Coaxial Splicing
  • Emergency Restoration 24/7

The Whitmore Construction Difference

We believe the quality of the people and equipment we are willing to commit to each job separates Whitmore Construction from its competitors.  Our combined management team has hundreds of years of experience in the Cable Television and Telecommunications industry, from operations to outside plant construction. We will be happy to budget, build and maintain any and all of your construction needs on your next telecommunications project.

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